Hackers steal more than $17.5 mln from Russian banks

TASS – Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office has accused a group of hackers of stealing more than 1 bln rubles ($17.5 mln) from several Russian banks via the Internet, Alexander Kurennoy, spokesman with the Prosecutor’s office told TASS.

He said the General Prosecutor’s Office has already submitted the case to the Meshchansky court of Moscow.

“According to investigators, from July to November 2014, Yuri Lysenko set up a criminal community involving more than 17 accomplices to embezzle funds of several commercial banks. The funds of financial institutions were stolen through entering and modifying computer data using the Internet. The malefactors performed transfer and withdrawal of funds on bank cards, they canceled operations and restored balance on the accounts,” Kurennoy said.

As a result, more than 1 billion rubles were stolen. In addition, according to the investigation, from March to July 2015 the malefactors stole more than 5.7 million rubles ($100,000) by installing special devices in various ATMs that enabled them to control cash withdrawal, Kurennoy said.

Source: TASS | Author: TASS


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