Industrial Biotechnology in Russia. Waking up from its winter sleep.

(  – In Europe, industrial biotechnology is typically synonymous with white biotechnology, although it is also important to bear in mind that industrial biotechnology applications are also used in other colorful fields of biotechnology (such as ‘red-medicine’ and ‘green agricultural’). In Russia, in particular with its huge territory ensuring the availability of vast biomass resources and well-founded molecular basic research, industrial biotechnology is focusing on the other colors as well.


In December 2014, the first plant for the production of protein concentrates opened in the Altai region. Its main product (sunflower protein concentrate – Protopic) will be a ‘homemade’ alternative on the Russian market for high protein feedstuff, and will compete against the imported market leaders. By 2020 the implementation of the “Protein Russia” project will increase the share of protein concentrates in the Russian feedstuff market up to more than 60%, displacing the imports that currently predominate. Russia is now advancing in the field of industrial biotechnology and has the potential to become the key player in the sector.


The general aim of the program Bio2020 is to take several selected biotechnology areas to a competitive level on the global market. Currently, three Russia Technology platforms are assisting the efforts of the program: Bioindustry and Bioresources – Biotech2030, Bioenergy, Medicine of the Future.



  1. Source: | Authors: Burghardt, Osmakova, Abramycheva


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