Russian scientists take part in the crowdsourcing project in system biology

(sbv IMPROVER) – Names of best performers of the sbv IMPROVER Challenge including scientists from Russia, have been published in the last issue of Nature journal.

The sbv IMPROVER project is part of a collaborative project organized and designed to enable scientists around the world to learn about, and contribute to the development of a new crowdsourcing method for verification of scientific data and results in modern science. The project was initiated by talented scientists from PMI R&D (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) to develop a more transparent and robust process for assessing complex scientific data in systems biology (the study of biological organisms, viewed holistically as integrated and interacting networks of genes, proteins, and biochemical reactions). This approach has implications for a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nutrition, and environmental safety–essentially any area that requires a more meaningful scientific analysis of Big Data. The Challenge attracts scientists from Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg,  Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.


The sbv IMPROVER project has the potential to lead to huge strides forward in our understanding of biological system as considered participants of Challenge. The project demonstrates how effective crowdsourcing can be to build, test and validate biological models with novel approach both in bioinformatics and communication. Group picture taken during the Conference and Jamboree in Barcelona announcing names of Challenge Best Performers has been published in the July 30th’s 2015 issue of Nature, v.523, # 7562 . Best-Performers_2015

From left to right: » Modesto Berraquero Perez » David Garrido Alfaro » Manuel González-Veléz Racero » Rubén Amián Ruiz » Alejandro Ferreiro Morales » Ángela María Fajardo Lacave » Sergei Davidyan » Ganna Androsova » Manuel Peitsch (Philip Morris International, Organizer and Host) » Irina Shvydchenko » Aishwarya Alex Namasivayam » Borislav Simovic » Neha Rohatgi » Rajesh Mandarapu » Susana Martinez Arbas » Jorge Val Calvo » Swapna Menon » Shaman Narayanasamy » Julia Hoeng (Philip Morris International, Organizer and Host) » Dheeraj Reddy Not in the picture: » Maria Biryukov » Ángel Herrera Insua

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